Each partner has over 15 years of significant experience representing clients in a wide range of sophisticated commercial litigation, both as plaintiffs and defendants in cases throughout the United States. Our clients include sole proprietors, closely held companies and publicly traded corporations.

Examples of the subject matters that we have handled and litigated include:

  • buy-outs
  • and claims of founders after acquisitions
  • or dilution of ownership through additional infusions of equity;
  • fighting the application of state consumer protection legislation in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire to gift cards issued by a national bank and sold by an affiliate of Simon Property Group, the largest public U.S. real estate company;
  • litigating unfair settlement practices claims against publicly-held insurance companies;
  • bringing and defending breach of contract claims for clients in various industries, including equipment and medical device manufacturing, IT services, retailers and health care providers;
  • collection cases for financial services clients;
  • representing VISA USA Inc in the TJX security breach case to protect the confidentiality of VISA’s documents;
  • and, coordinating litigation efforts across the United States for an equipment manufacturer.